Dude, You Totally Had It Coming

J teaching - Version 2This was my last talk on Capitol Hill for the season.  Starting in June, community members will be leading class through the summer. Much of mindfulness is about remembering.  Coming back to the here and now.  Two most important factors to remember:  Impermanence and the Law of Cause and Effect.

Your relationship to impermanence absolutely determines the degree to which you will feel stress, dissatisfaction and suffering.  Fight reality and you're probably going to lose.

Recalling that your thoughts, speech and actions impact your destiny can help you remember that it's not so much about what is happing, but how you are holding your experience.

Here's the blurb:

This talk was originally titled, "The Nature of Karma," but I like this one much better. When you remember impermanance and the law of cause and effect you can stay awake and aware of the infinite possiblity that lies in each moment.

When you remember that your thoughts, speech and actions create your destiny, there lies the possiblity of freedom in the midst of turmoil.


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