The Frank Sinatra Sutta

J teaching - Version 2I left the house Monday night  on my way to class in Arlington with a sense that I'd forgotten something. Once I relaxed and settled into the ride I realized I'd left my microphone on my desk -- too late to go back and get it.  As a consequence, the sound quality suffers a bit on this talk.

That's actually part of this talk ... exploring the 'knowing' that arises when we relax.

This was a fun talk.  I hope you enjoy it.

The blurb:

Spiritual practice and skillful living require a balance of willful, intentional effort as well as a conscious capacity to relax and tap into the flow of things.

This talk, based on what I call 'the Frank Sinatra Sutta,' explores the conscious use of will and surrender and accessing the subsequent arising of awareness that follows.  The more you relax and pay attention, the more you become aware of things that were not accessible previously.

The sound quality is not so good on this one.  Thanks for bearing with it.

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