Insight on the Inside


spacer-25If you live in the DC area, feel called to volunteer in a way that has huge impact and develop your chops as a teacher, this is a beautiful way to serve. You would be joining a community of inspired and inspiring teachers and guides.  

Deepening Your Practice:

Volunteer Teaching with Insight on the Inside   Insight on the Inside is a volunteer program that teaches meditation and mindfulness to incarcerated men and women in the DC area.   Volunteers: * are interested in sharing the benefits of mindfulness * understand the importance of a generosity practice * have some time to dedicate every month (between 6-10 hours a month) * feel passionate about ever-deepening their practice * are interested in training to facilitate and teach classes   If you are interested in volunteering, you will be interviewed about your sitting and retreat practice and your availability to participate in IOI's monthly meetings, quarterly 1/2 day trainings and on-line trainings such as Fleet Maulls' Path of Freedom. An example of a recent 1/2 day training that IOI volunteers found very beneficial is Ruth King's seminar on the Dynamics of Oppression.   In our monthly meetings IOI volunteers are encouraged to share their insights, questions, and concerns that have arisen from on-site experiences and the intersection of those experiences with our meditation practice. In this way we all learn, grow, and support each other.   Please contact Carolyn Stachowski