The Wisdom of Down Time


spacer-25"The more you’ve got going on in your life," a Rishi once said, "the more you need to be on retreat."   If you’re juggling a lot and want to be more effective, schedule some down-time!   With lots of responsibility, your task is to amp up your executive functioning - your capacity to decide what is going to get done and what is not.   You also need to stay sensitive to what is just over the horizon. Your intuition needs to be active. In order to do that you need to be relaxed and alert.   A retreat, whether a daylong, a weeklong or a month, gives you not only the opportunity to step back from your routines, habits and ruts, but the chance to drop into some new practices that inevitably will inform and inspire you.     A dyad practice on a recent retreat.   retreat2 spacer-25

A few retreats you might explore in the coming months:

  September 24-25: The Energy Intensive at Kripalu Center   October 9- 16: The IMCW Fall Retreat   November 4: A Meditative Journey: Dynamic Meditation   December 4 - 6: "Releasing the Barriers to Love" - Relationships Retreat at Garrison Retreat Center (with Tara Brach)   December 27 - January 1: IMCW New Year’s Retreat   Check out for a retreat that might be a match.