Meditation: Movement, Slow Motion Release and Resting in the Senses


spacer-25Here's an eclectic meditation for you, if you want to mix it up a little bit.  Here's a little of what's in this session if you feel drawn:  

  1. A pretty long holding with the arms overhead, focusing on building sensations
  2. Slow motion meditation as you release the hands, cultivating concentration and absorption
  3. An "open focus' inquiry into sensing into the hands and the intimacy of breath
  4. An inquiry into the "Three Characteristics of Reality" - Impermanence, Suffering and 'Not self'
  5. At the end, an inquiry into resting in presence and the practice of non-manipulation

  This is definitely a 'non-standard' practice, but one that might be particularly helpful if your mind is restless.  Focusing on the sensations of the arms overhead and the slow motion release is an excellent way to bring an over-active mind into the present.


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