The Heart Practices: Compassion


spacer-25Compassion can be seen as your capacity to feel what another feels.  Whenever you can successfully do that, you create a profound shift in your consciousness.  You move from a tightly held sense of "I" and "mine" to a broader, more inclusive view.

I have to say that this talk is partially inspired by Peyton Manning.  Could you not feel for the guy at the Superbowl While I imagine there was a fair bit of schadenfruede  that evening, it was probably one of the more compassionate, emphatically shared experiences on the planet that evening.

The talk starts with some technical questions on meditation, then dive in.  Here's the blurb:

This is the second in a series of four  talks on the Heart Practices.

After a few questions regarding meditation practice and technique, this talk explores cultivating compassion as a practice.  The Heart Practices can be quite transformative and thereby challenging.   Among the topics:  working with what arises in the practice, how  to work with 'compassion fatigue'  and how to practice compassion on yourself in a grounded, embodied way.

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