On Taking Refuge


spacer-25Our New Year's Retreat traditionally ends with a reflection and ceremony on The Refuges."

In keeping with that theme, this week's talk explore the importance of identifying what is most important and how you can skillfully support your intention.

Part of living skillfully calls on your capacity to  realign your life when you are off course.

Awareness, Truth and Love are powerful resources.

  The blurb:  

With a new year ahead, it's helpful to refresh your sense of what is most important.  As you clarify your 'roles and goals' it can also be helpful to reflect on what it means to take refuge.  Where do you go when you are lost, tired and confused?

This talk explores the importance of identifying what you want and what you need.  It ends with a simple Refuge Ceremony, relfelcting on the power of awareness, truth and love.

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