One with Everything TV


spacer-25November 20, we will be shooting the pilot for “One with Everything,” a show based on awareness, presence and transformation. Link:  

"Can a late-night talk show be enlightening and entertaining while also helping us to learn and transform ourselves? We’ll find out on the new show, One With Everything.  

Join us for cinematic evenings of down-to-earth, candid interviews and experiences with comedians, neuroscientists, yogis and musicians – those who share in the basic belief that we are more than what we appear to be.  

The show will also feature a spectacular house band, engaging audience participation, and special musical guests."  

tv1 spacer-25 Your host (who will wear a better shirt for the taping.)  

This venture is a mastermind of Matt Oestricher, incredibly talented musician and visionary. link:  

When Matt shared with me his vision and asked me if I would host, I told him I “had a great face for radio” and stalled for months. With his kind persistence, I've thrown myself in absolutely love everyone on the program and the whole unfolding process. We have an amazing band, producer and kind and creative folks excited to make this happen.  

tv2 spacer-25 The house band working on a number.  

tv3 spacer-25 Welcoming Dr. David Varga for an interview in our run-through. He’ll be doing the science segment. Link:  

tv4 spacer-25 With Bernadette Birney, yoga teacher. Link:  

Daryl Davis is a jazz musician who played in the south and befriended member of the Ku Klux Klan.  

An absolutely amazing story and life.  

daryl5 spacer-25  

Krishna Das is our musical guest. We go way back. Link:

das6 spacer-25  

Last month we did a walk-through to get a sense of blocking and get some audience feedback.  

November 20th we’ll be at the Bijou Theater in Bridgeport Connecticut. Link:  

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but I’ve got to sign off and … get working on my monologue!  


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