Over 200,000 Downloads!


spacer-25This morning was in my usual technical flow after I give a talk.  

Mike or Bob give me a usb thumb drive with the recorded talk. I pop it into GarageBand on my mac and do some minor editing. I trim the beginning and end, put on a musical intro and ending and adjust the sound levels.  

I upload the mp3 files with copy to a website called “Libsyn” (liberated syndication). They host the talk and port it over to iTunes.  

I was uploading the talk “On Feeling and Healing" from last night. On the control panel on Libsyn I noticed that since I started posting these talks, there have been over 200,000 downloads.  

In the Buddhist tradition the teachings are offered freely. I love that technology helps make these talks and meditations available to those who are interested.  

I have heard from people around the world with different comments. Sometimes there is an unexpected donation in my paypal account with some kind words.  

Sample comments: "You are on the commute with me every day to work."   "I have no real community around me and your talks help accompany me on my journey."   "I don’t listen all the time, but when I’m going through a rough patch, your talks help calm me down and give me hope."   and my favorite:   "I’m so thankful for your talks on iTunes. Nothing else helps me fall asleep so deeply."   I’m here to serve!  

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or listen online ( http://jonathanfoust.libsyn.com/webpage )
or catch the audio on my youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDVc7mqJEl3iIv901uKG-Q )  

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