Power of the Pause


spacer-25I'm just back from a seven day retreat.  

Usually we lead a weekend  plus five days for those who want to extend but this time we decided to make it an entire uninterrupted weeklong intensive.  

We had 99 participants and it was a deep dive.  

It's always an honor to serve this retreat with my codirectors Pat Coffey, Eric Kolvig, Tara Brach and this time, Trudy Mitchel-Gilkey.  Our stellar managers, La Sarmiento and Janet Merrick, made the event seamless.  

I say this every time, but if you can possibly find the time to do one of these events, it is truly one of the best investments of time and fortune you can make.  

Every great tradition speaks of the power of the Pause. When you step away from all of your habits, routines, relationships and commitments and simply rest in silence, amazing healing can occur.


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