How to Let Go


spacer-25A lively class this week.  Despite the rain, quite a few folks came to meditate and reflect on the topic of the week:  “How to Let Go.”  

When you step into one of these human flesh units, suffering will inevitably be part of your journey. Suffering (which you can also think of as stress, unsatisfactoriness or unsteadiness) is a direct result of clinging.  

The good news is that you can let go of clinging. You’ve done this before. Somehow, you managed to let go of something that felt painful and experienced new possibilities that did not exist before.  

This week’s talk explores - in a pragmatic way - how you can let go of what is between you and feeling free.   I hope you enjoy it.  

Here’s the blurb:  

 Stress, unsatisfactoriness, unsteadiness and suffering all arise in relationship to clinging.  
We know we need to let go of that which holds us back from full aliveness, but how?  
This talk explores some of the philosophy behind how we cling, but also dives into experiential inquiries you can try on for yourself.
As the saying goes, "Let go a little and you'll experience a little freedom.  Let go a lot and you'll experience a lot of freedom."
To do this requires both courage and compassion.


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