Retreating and Renewing


spacer-25“The more you’ve got going on in your life, the more you need to be on retreat.”  

Our year-end retreat provides much needed space to step back and let the moment unfold. It’s an honor to be serving these retreats and always a joy to reunite with our teaching team.  

102 participants from far away as Sweden, South America, Canada, the west coast and all through the United States.  

If you’re not familiar with the schedule, your day generally looks like this, all contained within the practice of social silence with the exception of two interviews with a teacher during the week  

Qigong Practice Sitting Meditation Breakfast Walking Meditation Guided meditation with instructions and Q/A Walking Meditation Sitting Meditation Small Group Interviews (twice during the week) Walking Meditation Sitting Meditation Lunch and Rest Sitting Meditation Walking Meditation Sitting Meditation Yoga Guided Heart Meditation Walking Meditation Sitting Meditation Dinner and Rest Sitting Meditation Walking Meditation Dharma Talk Walking Meditation Sitting Meditation  

Retreating and Renewing spacer-25 Jonathan Foust, Pat Coffey, Hugh Byrne, Tara Brach, Ruth King  

Bells announce the schedule shift and each day is the same routine, allowing you to relax into the unfolding experience.  

There is a distinction between ‘doing the retreat’ and ‘letting the retreat do you.’ The practice is to trust the unfolding of each day. What happens in the silence and rest can be quite remarkable.  

I led the yoga sessions, group interviews and met with individuals though the week.  

My talk, entitled, tentatively entitled “Unleashing the Inner Golden Retriever,” was about the power of compassion as a tool for transformation.  

I’ll have it up sometime soon.  

If you can schedule a retreat sometime in 2015. It’s a wonderful investment of time and fortune.  


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