The Dynamic Meditation Experience

The first time I did Dynamic Meditation was in 1983.  I was 25 and I'd just moved into the Kripalu ashram and was living in a tent for the summer and fall.  In the tent next to me was a Vietnam vet and former Osho disciple who'd spent a lot of time in the ashram in Poona.  He asked me if I'd like to do dynamic meditation.  I loved meditation so if it was dynamic, I thought, so much the better. He pulled out a boom box and we sauntered over to a corner of the campground near the woods.  He hit 'play' and the we were enveloped in a soundtrack with drumming and synthesizer.  He started dancing, shaking, hooting and snorting.   I was painfully self-conscious, but thought, "What the heck," and threw myself into what were progressive phases of cathartic movement, free flow and sitting meditation.  The transition from intense activity to stillness settled my mind quite dramatically.  Since then I've led a seven-phase version of this countless times.

In response to questions, I thought I'd offer a little A/V description of the retreat in 'talking head' style:


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By the way, while this can be dramatic, I consider this a very safe and profound practice.  In the first phase (more energetic movement) there is no pressure to move in any particular way, but to listen deeply to your body and respond in a way that feels right for you.

We're scheduled for September 26th and the retreat will be at the Bethesda Elementary school.  Metro accessible!