This Weekend: The Questions That Heal and Set You Free: A Training in Body-Centered Inquiry


I'm looking forward to this Saturday's daylong retreat I'll be leading in Bethesda on a topic near and dear to me:


The Questions that Heal and Set You Free:

A Training in Body-Centered Inquiry


What if you could develop a consistent and reliable way to receive guidance from a deeper level than the thinking mind?  

We'll be exploring this topic through short talks and presentations, guided experiences, discussion and sharing.
There is a wonderful statement out there that says "The body never lies."  As far as I can tell, that's true.  Your mind may tell you one thing, but if you really listen internally there is usually a 'felt sense' of what resonates as true.
How do you access that sense of kinesthetic intuition?   We'll do it exploring three separate disciplines:
  • Insight (Vipassana) Meditation develops your capacity to pause, recognize what is present and see with increasing clarity into the nature of things.
  • Focusing is a mind-body training that helps you be intimately present to direct experience and cultivate new ways of being present.
  • Inquiry helps you access intuition and directs your attention to new possibilities.


The day will be a balance of internally focused disciplines of meditation and reflecting writing and exploration through what I call 'inter-personal meditation' and group discussion.

Body-Centered Inquiry is a profound way to untangle knotty issues, explore new possibilities and make important decisions in your life.

Bring an issue you've been wrestling with and we'll see what your body has to say about it.

Follow this link for more information and to register online.