Awareness, Truth and Love


spacer-25This week’s talk explores the Three Refuges.  Rather than taking a philosophical route, I personally find it more interesting to explore how we can pragmatically apply the refuges of Awareness, Truth and Love in practice and in daily life.  

You’ll find a few truly marginal jokes and stories here and quite a few guided reflections.  I spent about ten minutes during the 30-minute meditation preceding the talk giggling replaying the imagery in the first joke. As someone once said, “If you laugh, that means it’s funny.”  

Tara’s book, True Refuge, takes a deep dive into these principles. It’s a lovely book.  If you’re interested in an experiential overview on the topic, you might enjoy this talk.  

Here’s the blurb:  

Delusion is believing something to be true that actually isn't true at all.  Waking up to what is real can be a challenging and sometimes humiliating experience.  
You can draw on three essential qualities to wake up.  Each element has practices associated with it and each element can be a refuge when you feel lost, stuck or feeling separate.
This talk explores the Three Refuges - Awareness, Truth and Love - through some marginal jokes, some stories and through guided meditations and reflections.


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