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  It was 30 degrees on the river this morning.

I wore wool socks, neoprene booties, two pair of long underwear, splash pants, a wool top, vest and jacket, wool fingerless gloves, a scarf and warm hat.

A week ago it was so warm I wore only enough as to not get arrested.

This reminds me of a month-long meditation retreat I did many years ago. I went in for an interview with my teacher. He asked me, "So, how is your experience of the retreat?"

I contemplated the question for awhile, then blurted out the following, "It keeps changing!"

Robert Frost once said, "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on."

Best wishes to you as you as you ride the waves of change.    

Upcoming Events

  I'm on the road most of this month at our IMCW Fall Retreat, then immediately on to Kripalu Center for the a Teacher Training called "Guiding Meditation for Transformational Yoga Teaching."

When I'm back I'll be leading a retreat that is close to my heart.

This retreat is highly experiential and will give you some powerful tools you can apply in your life.  

The Inquiry Intensive: Exploring the Questions that Can Transform Your Life

Saturday, December 3rd

"What is the most important question in your life right now? Discover that, and your journey begins."

The right questions can help you change your perspective, make important decisions, heal wounds, solve problems and most importantly, point your attention toward your true nature.

In this highly experiential and interactive retreat, you'll learn:

* How to use intuitive inquiry as a tool for transformation

* Meditation techniques for calming and clear-seeing

* How to use writing as a tool for insight

* Mindful movement flows and guided relaxations that help shift your brainwave states

Click here for more information and to register.      

Are You Suffering from Electile Dysfunction?

  Have you been recently feeling exasperated, frustrated, experiencing bouts of hopelessness and depression?

You're not alone. These symptoms tend to return every four years, but this season has been especially debilitating.

Given the despair among so many, I offered a talk called How to Keep Your Heart Open During the Election.

I remember Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the found of Transcendental Meditation, saying "Elected officials are nothing more than a reflection of the consciousness of the culture."

What does this current state say about us?

Deepak Chopra wrote an article about the Shadow in our culture and how, when the shadow arises, we must remember to meet it fully.

When we shift into fear, we make the 'others' different. They become the enemy. When we remember that our lives are driven by ‘unmet needs,' we start to see more clearly what is behind the anger, hatred and judgement in our culture right now.

Sorting through the fear and polarity in our culture is no easy task, but if we can, we will be made more whole.

I spend a little time in this talk exploring what's called, "Looking for the Good." There are many things rising from this election that can be seen as positive.

I can't think of them right now, but they're in the talk at the end! (I can remember them, but you might like to listen anyway.)

To listen to "How to Keep Your Heart Open During the Election," click here.      

Fresh Photos

  Some mornings it's variations on grey. Some mornings it's like this.   1a spacer-25 From darkness to light. Geese head into the sunrise   2a spacer-25 A Bald Eagle ferries in nest-building material.   3a spacer-25 Our new neighbors set up camp in a big Sycamore.   4a spacer-25 My morning paddle takes me right under their nest. You can see that it’s still pretty small and a work in progress.   5a spacer-25 A diving Osprey.   6a spacer-25 Mahatma Ghandi said that we should act as if we might die tomorrow and as if we might live forever. Frosted spider web.   7a spacer-25    

Video: A One Minute Meditation on a Mob of Grackles

  By chance I recently found myself surrounded by a Mob of Grackles.   Here’s a short little video of their visit. A brief meditation on impermanence.        

Three Ways You Can Train Your Ability to Pay Attention

  My cousin Alan is a competitive pistol shooter. I asked him his advice on how to be the best marksman possible.

His response sounds a lot like Zen meditation instruction.

This talk explores three elements of Awareness training. Each cultivates a particular quality of attention and together they comprise what it means to be fully present and awake.

1. The power of concentration, developing your capacity to pay attention on purpose.

2. The power of watching, developing your capacity for non-judging, 'open monitoring' awareness.

3. The power of letting go and letting be.

To listen to "Three Ways You Can Train Your Ability to Pay Attention," click here.      

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Awaken Your Heart, Creativity and Wisdom, with Tara Brach

  My wife, Tara Brach, has just created a new online, on-demand course called Awaken Your Heart, Creativity, & Wisdom.

She's offering a a limited-time ultra-discounted link to access this course at a special price of only $15 that expires on November 2nd.

The following two links will take you directly to segments of the course for a free preview:

* Unlived Life: What Is It, Really?

* Practice Exercise: The R.A.I.N. of Embodiment

Click here for more information and to register.      

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